Welcome toHavas Group India

Our mission

The Havas Village is a truly unique proposition – creative, media and health all under one roof. Our philosophy is to work together seamlessly, building teams around our clients’ needs not our own. We operate with one vision, one shared way of working, and under one P&L.

Our mission: To make a meaningful difference to the brands, the businesses and the lives of the people we work with.

Our people

We are a home for collaborators. At a time when the industry has fragmented across specialities and disciplines, we're proud to be truly integrated - physically and philosophically.

This way, we work faster, smarter and happily.


Rana Barua

Rana Barua

Chief Executive Officer

Bobby Pawar

Bobby Pawar

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer

Venugopal Ganganna

Venugopal Ganganna

Chief Digital Officer

Priyanka Mehra

Priyanka Mehra

Director of Marketing and Communications

Neeraj Bassi

Neeraj Bassi

Chief Strategy Officer

Vandana Tilwani

Vandana Tilwani

Chief Human Resources Officer

Pritesh Bhatnagar

Pritesh Bhatnagar

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

 Prashant Tekwani

Prashant Tekwani

Executive Vice President and Business Head, Havas CX

Havas CX

We’re always looking at ways to better serve our clients and ways to evolve with the modernisation of our industry. Beyond our Creative capabilities, we’ve focused our resources and investment efforts behind meaningful Brand and Customer Experiences with the recent launch of our Havas CX Network.

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The Power of Vivendi

At Havas, we create meaningful content which sets us apart from our competitors. The integration of Havas into Vivendi is part of the desire to create a world leader in content, media and communication which will ensure a unique positioning within the entertainment and communication markets.

Vivendi is a global player, operating businesses throughout the value chain from talent discovery to the creation, production and distribution of content. Vivendi also owns the Universal Music Group, Canal + Group, Gameloft, Vivendi Village, and Dailymotion.


The world's leading music company, including more than 50 labels.


One of the biggest video content aggregation and distribution platforms in the world, with 250 million users each month.


The second largest, French-language publishing group.


A global leader in mobile games, with 2.5 million downloads per day.


A powerful collection of ticketing systems, venues and production houses spanning the entire globe.


A global force in pay-TV as well as the production, sale and distribution of movies and TV series.

Meaningful Brands

Our proprietary research study Meaningful Brands (that spans 350,000 people worldwide, 31 markets, 22 industries and 1,800 brands each year) discovered that:


of brands could disappear and no one would care


of consumers think companies and brands should communicate honestly about their commitments and promises


of the content provided by brands is not meaningful to consumers

It's these key findings that have led to the creation of our Meaningful Brands strategic framework. A unique approach that has allowed us to understand that a brand’s value - how meaningful it is to its consumers - is defined by a combination of 'functional', 'personal' and 'collective' benefits.

Used across strategy and planning teams in all our agencies around the world, Meaningful Brands acts as the 'glue' in our integrated process and provides a common approach to strategic thinking to ensure we deliver meaningful business growth for our clients.

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