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X INDEX 2023

Enter the era of ‘Hyper-Experience’

In the third edition of Havas CX’s X Index global study, we reveal the age of the “Hyper Experience” and explore how brands need to use a combination of efficiency, pleasure, personalization, privacy, and community to deliver an exceptional consumer experience.

The Hyper-Experience

In this year’s research, we explore what it takes for brands in India to conceive and deliver a “hyper-experience” that can win consumer minds and hearts in today’s complex landscape. How customer experience (CX) can give Indians compelling reasons to buy, and what aspects of the experience can be enhanced to ensure shoppers come away with a feeling not just of satisfaction and financial value but of pleasure. In this report, we answer these key questions, drawing on findings from our third annual CX survey for India.

The research

For 2023’s study, Havas has continued to make the research more even more global – deploying the X Index study across ten countries: India, USA, UK, France, China, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain—and surveying 50,000 adults on more than 500 brands. These brands operate in a variety of industries, from fast food and fashion to transportation, technology, and finance, and include both ‘bricks and clicks’ (bricks-and-mortar brands that have gone through the digital transformation) and ‘pure players’ (digital native, online only).

Discover more

The X Index India edition

The 2023 India Report reveals what key elements have the greatest bearing on the hyper-experience for Indian consumers and how brands can deliver meaningful customer experiences that are unique to the Indian market. So, how does your brand stand out? Watch this video to find out!

The Xperts

In a CNBC TV18 Storyboard18 exclusive interview with Tarun Jha – Chief Executive Officer, Havas Creative India and Prashant Tekwani – Managing Partner, Havas CX India talk about what matters to Indian consumers.

Key findings

#1   Consumers want it

Customers demand that brand ecosystems are not only efficient, but a pleasure to engage with as well.

Now more than ever, brands need to continue to improve the systems that consumers interact with, with an eye on creating engaging and frictionless experiences across their touchpoints.


#2    Make it Hyperpersonal

Customers expect brands to be where they are and know what they want.

Today, brands stand out because they’re constantly iterating with the tools to actively understand and act upon their customers’ needs. This allows brands to add new layers and dimensions to the interaction between them to deepen relationships and also develop new avenues to build competitive advantages.


#3    From customer to community experience

Inclusivity and diversity have evolved to include how brands treat their own people. Indians want to feel like they’re invited to contribute as a part of a shared experience with a brand that treats its people right.


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